Thursday, 26 April 2007

Today is my birthday !

Today is my birthday - hurrah !!!!
I know that when you get to my age you are not supposed to like them or acknowledge them, but not me ! ( I don't particularly like the numbers associated with them - but I just ignore that bit !)
I get to be pampered for a day by my family - which is great. I shall buy some naughty cakes for work and then not do any (work that is)!
We shall have a lovely take away tonight with my favourite aromatic duck pancakes and my family will have to endure board games, because they are not allowed to be nasty to me today and say NO !!!
I have had some great presents - lots of lovely pampering stuff and new handbags and purses !!!! You can never have too many!
Andrew I love my new Maria Wards. Thank you so much for being wonderful and knowing me so well!
My lovely girls bought me beautiful gifts - thank you ! Such a treat!
Well, I hope you all have a great day too!
I know that I will - come what may...


John said...


student midwife said...

happy birthday glenis. Have a great day.

Pocket Mummy said...

thanks guys, I've had a lovely day at work. The people there are soooo lovely.

Volvoman999 said...

Happy Birthday old Girl! When you get to our age things start to get a bit things like Birthdays. So take time out while you can and enjoy it!. Love Nick, Sue and the Girls. XXX

Anita said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, but glad that you're back blogging!!!! Missed you all yesterday!