Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Last night Sarah went to heaven

Last night, Sarah went to heaven. My prayers for her were passionate. She was only 23. I needed a miracle for her. She could still have life. But over the weekend, the message to me, over and over, was for completeness and wholeness and perhaps we will only achieve that in heaven. I wanted it here and now. For Sarah and her family and friends. I didn't even know her very well. But she was the same age as Steph. I know the things Steph wants out of life. Nothing outragous or extravagant, fairly normal; husband, family, travel. I wanted that for Sarah too... I prayed long and hard, but in my heart knew that it wasn't going to turn out how I wanted. It was an uncle Gerald time. Heart ruling the head...
But, my heart and my mind know that Sarah is in heaven and now stands complete and whole and for the first time in her life, knows no pain or struggle. I am happy in that thought.
My prayers will now be for those still here. Those, like Steph and Ruth; close friends, and Sarah's mum, dad and sister Becky. They will need my silent prayers. Prayers for strength, comfort and understanding.
I saw at first hand what a fighter Sarah was. She came to Steph's wedding, fighting her condition the whole time but determined to be there. She had a lovely time and it meant the world to Steph and Stephen.
Sarah touched many lives, and made them better for knowing her.
Thank you Sarah for being such a lovely friend to Steph. She already misses you very much, but knows that you are now free and happy.
Night night, and God bless